Lotte Verbeek – Outlander – S03E12

Lotte Verbeek slowly emerging naked from a pool of blood, giving a guy a look at her butt as she steps out, then turning to face him and showing her breasts as the blood drips off and thins out. She then uses a jug of water to wash herself, giving him a clearer view of her breasts and butt before she covers up with a robe.
In the second scene, Lotte Verbeek reclined in a robe talking to a guy, whipping the robe open to expose her left breast.

Featuring actress

Lotte Verbeek (June 24, 1982)
4Popularity: 4Place of Birth: Venlo, Limburg, Netherlands

Hannah James – Outlander – S03E04

Hannah James standing and kissing a guy as they make their way toward a bed and the guy lowers her robe off her shoulders to give us a naked view of her breast from the side. She then lays back in...