Adeline Rebeillard – Sexual Chronicles of a French Family

Adeline loses her clothes and her cherry during a long, fully nude sex scene. Outstanding! In the second scene, Adeline is wearing nothing but stockings while she shares camera duties during a hump fest...

Barbara Goenaga – Agnosia

Bárbara Goenaga lying on her back and having her green robe opened by a guy to reveal her fully nude body and then having him slide his hand in between her legs and rub her while she moans.

Mircea Monroe – The Change-Up

Mircea Monroe is fantastic in this nude scene!

Lily James – The Exception

Lily James of Downton Abbey and Cinderella fame in her first-ever nude scene as she pulls her dress off over her head as a guy watches, exposing her breasts. We then get a view from behind...

Maggie Gyllenhaal – Strip Search

The Interrogator gets even more up-close and personal . . . he feels up each squishy snoob, then another ass view as Maggie gives into the pressure. In the second scene, Mag's still naked, the...

Olivia Munn & Cody Horn – Magic Mike

Olivia Munn & Cody Horn - Magic Mike info not available

Alexia Rasmussen – The Comedy

Alexia Rasmussen sleeping on her side on a bunk on a boat, her left breast in view as a guy sits across from her and watches.

Olivia Munn – The Babymakers – 2

Olivia Munn - The Babymakers - 2 info not available

Sigourney Weaver – Galaxy Quest

Sigourney Weaver - Galaxy Quest

Jessica Chastain – The Zookeeper’s Wife

Jessica Chastain lying in bed with a guy, on her side at first and then rolling onto her back and flashing her left breast before she pulls a sheet up. She then turns and sits up, showing her bare back while...

Jessica Pare – Hot Tub Time Machine

Jessica Paré showing her large, wet breasts as she rides a guy in a bath tub, bouncing in his lap while holding a couple bath sponges as she has sex with him.

Lindsay Lohan – The Canyons – 2

Lindsay Lohan giving us a look at her large breasts as she takes a shower and washes her hair while turning back and forth a bit. In the second scene, Lindsay Lohan showing some nice cleavage in...