Charlize Theron – The Last Face

Charlize Theron lying underneath a guy as they have sex on the floor. Afterward, we see Charlize standing naked by a window and picking up a pencil with her toes. The guy then crawls over and kisses on the...

Maggie Gyllenhaal – Strip Search

The Interrogator gets even more up-close and personal . . . he feels up each squishy snoob, then another ass view as Maggie gives into the pressure. In the second scene, Mag's still naked, the...

Dakota Johnson – Fifty Shades Darker

Dakota Johnson kissing a guy in a bedroom before he takes her shirt off to reveal her bra, and then kneels in front of her to pull her pants down. The guy then slides her panties to the floor to give us...

Angie Cepeda – Heleno

Angie Cepeda giving us a close-up view of her breasts when bouncing in a guy's lap as she has sex with him on a chair against a wall.

Ellen Page – Tallulah

Ellen Page straddling a guy in the back of a van as she pulls her shirt off to show bare breasts and perhaps a flash of bush before leaning over to make out with the guy while having sex. He then...

Sarah Silverman – I Smile Back

Sarah Silverman sitting on a toilet in a pair of panties as she leans over topless and takes some drugs. She then stands in front of a mirror and touches her breasts while checking out her reflection...

Alicia Rodriguez and Maria Gracia Omegna – Young & Wild

Alicia Rodríguez and María Gracia Omegna both nude in a lesbian sex scene, Alicia first lying on her back with her breasts in view as María goes down on her. María then moves up and the girls make...

Emilia Clarke – Spike Island

Emilia Clarke - Spike Island info not available

Amy Seimetz – A Horrible Way to Die

Amy Seimetz - A Horrible Way to Die info not available

Deborah Secco – Good Luck

Deborah Secco undressing near a swimming pool, stripping down to her panties as we see her topless. A guy watches as she then gets into the water and we see her breasts some more as she...

Barbara Goenaga – Agnosia

Bárbara Goenaga lying on her back and having her green robe opened by a guy to reveal her fully nude body and then having him slide his hand in between her legs and rub her while she moans.

Anne Hathaway – Love and Other Drugs – 4

Anne Hathaway - Love and Other Drugs - 4 info not available