Ana Alexander and Augie Duke – Chemistry – S01E12

Ana Alexander starting off in a black bra as she sits at a table and plays strip poker with a guy. She then has to remove her bra, going topless as the guy walks over to her and picks her up. He places her on the table, clearing the game away to make room for them to have sex with Ana on her back. In the second scene, Augie Duke undressing down to red thong panties, baring her breasts as a guy watches her get into bed where a male sex doll is lying. Augie then pulls her panties off and climbs on top of the doll to have sex with it. In the third scene, Ana Alexander leaning over the back of a couch as she slides her pants off with her shirt unbuttoned and a guy has sex with her from behind. We see the side of her butt the side and then some cleavage from Ana in a bra as the guy rips open her shirt.

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Ana Alexander (February 1, 1979)
15Popularity: 15Place of Birth: Belgrade, Serbia
Known for her work on the series Chemistry (2011). she is a big fan of comic books. her Height is 5' 9¾".
Augie Duke (February 4, 1986)
3Popularity: 3Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, USA

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Ana Alexander – Chemistry – S01E10

Ana Alexander undressing in a conference room, first pulling her bra off to reveal her breasts and then taking her panties off, too. We see her bare butt as she lays back on a table and has sex with...